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Welcome to my website and thanks for visiting
Allow me to introduce myself to pigeon fanciers visiting this website

Hi, my name is Rohit Gupta . I am from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh ,India.
I am a businessman and deals in home appliances and Kitchen items in allahabad.
I have got into this hobby in  January 2011 when i first purchased two pairs of Indian Fantail Pigeons. From then i am collecting many different breeds of Fancy Pigeons.When i am writting this i have approximetly 30 pairs of fancy Pigeons in my loft. Keeping fancy ones was not as easy as ordinary ones always had a bad time with them as i was not aware with the proper caring and medication needed for them, learning from my past mistakes i have comitted, my pigeons are doing fine and presently adding more collections to it.

I think before getting into this hobby one should be aware of the proper caring, various diseases these birds get and their treatments, thats the basic part of it, do talk to as many fanciers as you can who wish to share there valuable information with you and the second part is the loft and selection of good stock birds, I had a tough time keeping my birds healthy. In my home town there are many breeders out there who have excellent stock birds but the bad part is they wont share their experiences with others, there are only a few close friends of mine who have helped me out with various informations and their tips .

The main reason behind creating this website to collect information from different sources and made them available to each and every Pigeon fancier around the world. As in our country India not much information, facilities and proper medications are available for pigeon fancier so by the help of this website i am trying pigeon fancier to get familiar with the different breeds of pigeons, their proper care and medicine that are available in india that can help in curing pigeons.

All the information on this website is collected from the difference sources i.e. from websites, from local breeders and dealers of fancy pigeons. If you have any suggestion you can mail me on Thanks

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